The craziest and unanswered WHY…

We all want happiness, and we always keep talking and complaining about it. This is not all, we keep bribing the GOD for this “happiness” word to stay in our life forever. We do many things in our lives, let it be charity, business, service, free service, love, care, worship god and what not for the sake of happiness. But have your ever mingled your mind and asked why are we doing this? Have you ever asked this question to yourself?

Well I have. And I keep asking this question to myself again and again and keep probing my mind to find an answer to this silly question. Let me tell you, this question is not that silly. It is not that useless to ask yourself as you think it at the first sight. Just give it a deeper thought.  Ask yourself once again, why are you doing this? What is the purpose of all this? Is it so important to earn money, love someone, worship god and a ton of statements in the queue….

I am neither going to be spiritual, nor philosophical. I am an engineer and I am going to be an engineer in this article too.

I think I have a partial answer to this question. We do it for one and only one thing, happiness.

A businessman wants to be successful and earn a lot of money, why?

So that he can be happy.

A simple man/child becomes a decoit, a murderer, a thief or a gangster, why?

Because his situations made him do so? Because he made a choice? Because it was the only way he could make a living?

Well the answer is well expected. A big NO. Yes a big NO.

The real question is… “WHY are we in present“?

So let’s look at it from an engineer’s eye.

A hot ball, yelling out heat like anything and some tiny balls revolving around it, in some elliptical orbits. One of the revolving balls. The object of our interest is the third closest object to the hot fireball.

Mother earth is not a mother yet. The first child is yet to take birth. The chemical accident has not yet happened which would give out a magical byproduct called life. Mother earth is waiting since long for this to happen. After some million years, the outer layer of the earth becomes solid, and the earth thinks that I have sacrificed my original form from hot red fireball to a cool blue solid surfaced ball, so that my child can live and nurture over me. Alas, no accident yet. Some more million years have passed. Now the earth has water, volcanoes, rocks, sand, temperature and all sorts of things it takes to sustain a life. And one fine day, the right temperature, humidity, chemicals mix and the second magic happens, first one was big bang. This magic in today’s life is called life/intelligence. I know you are thinking that how come an intelligent creature come out of nothing. Well let me define intelligence. Its actual meaning can be interpreted as an ability to take self action/decision to adjust in the surrounding. Even an amoeba is intelligent, because it can decide, when to have food, when to excrete and can also decide its movement. Not only this, it also knows how to and when to reproduce.

The magical body, now called as a cell started reproducing and doing some more tasks mandatory for its survival and henceforth the life of that creature and its children continued for some more millenniums keeping those cells as the monopolists of life on mother earth.

Now was the time of actual change. It was time to have something more than just survival, more than just reproduction, more than just being a parasite on the mother earth; it was time for an upgrade of the hardware and firmware. And another magic began, EVOLUTION. The parasite started increasing its size and started to acquire more space and more robustness in its life cycle. The basic blocks started developing in some different ways too. They started developing some more features and after some billions of years, a highly developed creature was formed. Today we call it an insect. This creature was capable of moving/flying/swimming. It could gather food, reproduce and what not. By this time Intelligence had grown from “nothing” to a creature which can do such magical things like moving, gathering food, reproduction and all. With some diversity, more modifications in the forthcoming generations came and went. Mutations happened and reverted as suggested by Darvin’s theory of “The survival of the fittest”. But time never stopped. Everything was smooth and progressive.

Taking another long jump from the flashback, we come into the time where a creature, which can judge, think, imagine, move, eat and remember is finally ready. Well still it’s an ape. Now the changes have started occurring faster and are more complex. The ape has started lifting its fore limbs and has started walking on its hind limbs. It has families now, but is still a nomad. Or rather we can say he is an early man. He hunts, eats, shares and reproduces. He loves cares and helps others. He is no more fully selfish. Whatever he does, he does it with and for support. He shares his food with his family, takes care of his children and life partner/partners.

Now the BIG question arises, wasn’t it enough? He had food, he had family, he had shelter, wasn’t he still happy? Why did the single family converted to civilizations? Why those civilizations converted to villages, then cities, then countries and continents? Why did he start fighting for what he is supposed to preserve? Why the man started the earning? Why everybody couldn’t get equal and be happy? Is the greed of happiness so strong?

Let’s come back to the answer….

It was never enough, because every mother wants its child to be the best. It gives all possible facilities and nourishment to its child to make him better. So, was done by the mother earth. The man started learning and started to live in communities. But, he didn’t do it for anybody else. He did it so that he could leave more happily. He never tried to pay back anything to the mother, rather deteriorated its condition in past few years. The only reason that brought these communities into being and their growth into cities, countries and so on was not the greed of happiness, but the “feeling of INSECURITY”. He joined groups, because it made him feel more secure.

A very interesting thing comes out of these facts. If he did it for his own security, then who told him about God? Who taught him to worship? Who told him what is right and what is wrong.

We can find a very logical reason from this very phrase “feeling of insecurity”.

Let’s take an example. Why man worships fire or lightening? A very logical answer can be that he was afraid of fire, as it had the power to destroy him. Similarly, because he needed water for survival, he started worshiping water. And to pass on this knowledge to further generations, the best way to make them remember the necessities is to create a fear in their mind about the powers, and they will never forget it. But the future generations started worshipping all the things they were afraid of. We can again see the feeling of insecurity being fit in this case.

In modern time, we earn, we create shelter, we produce our own food, etc. In short we are self sufficient power on this planet. But we can still see that feeling in us. This feeling has become very powerful over time. It has affected so much that, the man has started cheating his own surroundings and himself too. He cannot face himself at times. In early stages of life he saves for his children, but later on, when his children are mature and they have so called “sense”, they cheat their own parents for their property/savings/money and can go to any extent to get it. Corruption is also an outcome of a similar kind of feeling.

So where are we leading ourselves to? According to Darvin, we must be the fittest to be the survivors, but as the days are passing and as we can see the growth of corruption in past few years, then we can easily make out that we are not heading to betterment, but towards extinction.

Is the prophecy of Nostradamus true? If it is true, then can this small phrase be a reason of the extinction of mankind from this earth rather than a natural calamity or an asteroid hitting the earth?



6 mistakes in a day

After a long and tiring day I was all set to go to Kolkata the next day to visit my cousin. And I committed my first mistake. To catch a train of 8:15, I had set an alarm of 7:15, which should have been 6:45 to reach the Railway Station in time. So to compensate, I had to miss my breakfast and rush while taking bath.

I left the hostel at 7:50 and reached the IIT’s main gate at 7:55. I parked my cycle in SBI Building and went on the Taxi/Auto/Rickshaw stop to wait for a conveyance. I was looking for a Sharing auto which is fast and quite economic for students. After waiting for 10 minutes I realized that its high time to hire a Rickshaw and reach Station. But everybody knows the Rickshaw walas. They are like “Kuch bhi Karne ka tha Sanyam, bas Rickshaw wale ki ego ko hurt nahi karne ka tha”. And I had badly hurt every rickshaw wala’s ego who were standing over there, by waiting for an auto when they were staring at me in a hope that I will come to them begging for conveyance before their ego is badly hurt. This was my mistake 2.

But someone has rightly said “where there is a hope, there is a way”. And the ray of hope began to brighten when a Rickshaw wala came out of IIT and stopped near me. I asked my awaited question in only 2 words – “Railway Station?”. He was a bigger one, he replied in one – “Forty”. I quietly sat into the Rick and left for the railway station.

Everything went fine on my way to Station, he dropped me at Railway station at 8:15. Luckily my train was 5 minutes late from the scheduled time. I ran to the ticket window and asked for an express train ticket to Howrah(A railway station in Kolkata). Next to me was a student too. he may be 2-3 years younger to me. He also took a ticket to Howrah. I approached him and asked “Howrah?”. His eyes sparkled and mine were bright too to see that I am not alone in that boring journey, where I am going to be with people who will mix MURI and ALU CHOP in the dirtiest possible cloth called GAMCHA, and munch it in the whole journey.

After all these paranormal emotions, we rushed for the Steel express which was expected to leave at 8:20 and it was 8:19 by Railway watch. We decided to take the only way to platform 6, the step over bridge. – Mistake 3.

The bridge was full of people belonging to over decent category like I have explained earlier. It looked like I am in a gully of an ant farm, where the soldier ants guard the way for labor ants. Well I mentioned over decent crowd, they have one more distinctiveness, They won’t let you go if you are in a hurry (quite like it will hurt their ego). And the clocked ticked 8:20, and with a siren of the engine, the train started moving while we were busy pushing the over decent people to make our way to the bridge. By the time we managed to get on platform, the train was far enough to be caught.

Well this mistake didn’t prove to be dreadful, as another train was waiting for us on the adjoining platform for our destination. As we had express tickets, we boarded the general compartment of the train and stood there to get some place to sit. But the general compartment looked like a hot dog with an over decent people suassage. He managed half a seat and asked me to sit. I was obliged. Journey was good as far as company is concerned. I spent most of the time listening songs in my i-pod. In the last half an hour of our 2 hours journey, I was asked my name, and my new acquainted guy introduced himself with Heinslee, At first I felt he was the grand son of Bruce Lee. But one more look over him proved me wrong.

On deplaning, he guided me to the bus stand and also told me how to catch my bus for Pudupukur, Lansdown. After waiting for 15-20 minutes and questioning around 30 people with red teeth, I finally boarded the bus to my destination.

Finally I reached my cousin’s place where I was welcomed very nicely with home cooked dishes and a soft and soothing drink. I was having my breakfast at 12 noon…

After a normal day, I was all set to get back to my campus in Kharagpur. At 9:30 we went to the nearby bus stop, to go back to Howrah station. This time I was going for Puri Express whose departure time from Howrah was 10:35. – Mistake 4.

Wondering why is it a mistake?

Well, i was in Kolkata and I have only 1 hour to reach my destination which is 10 km away. And I am still waiting for a bus.

Well after waiting for 20 mins, at 9:50 I thought of taking a taxi from there and bid a goodbye to my cousin and her husband. I was clever enough, by not knowing the actual way and not letting the taxi driver to take the longer way by the reason of traffic jam at 10:00 PM in the city which has no life after 9:00 PM.

I reached the Railway station at 10:25. The troubles were not yet over. I had only 10 minutes to locate the platform, reach the ticket window and take an express ticket, and rush for the platform (one out of 23). To be precise, i was at platform 1 and my train had to leave from platform 22. That was not all. The biggest problem was that the train was on time and I was not worried about that. I somehow found an open window near platform 1 and asked for the ticket. He said that there is no express at this time. Well he was right at his point, as I was standing on old Howrah and asking him for a ticket to the train which is leaving from new Howrah. I rushed to new Howrah which ranges from platform number 17 to 23. Well I wasted my one minute at the inquiry for a formality of asking about the train I had already known. Mistake 5.

Still wondering why a mistake?

Well I had only 4 minutes left to take the ticket and board the train and I was busy with the man in his middle 40’s sitting at the inquiry window.

Anyways, I reached the ticket counter and I was happy to see that I was the third person in the queue. I took the ticket and started walking for the train. Mistake 6 – I was walking.

By the time I reached platform 17, it was 10:35. For a change which left me astonished, the train started moving at the right time, i.e. 10:35:00.

I thought I have missed this train too. and with no hope I walked up to platform 21, after which there is a roadway, where the cars can be parked.

Suddenly…. The soldier in me woke up and said.. “NOT AGAIN, I am not leaving the train”. And I started running towards the train, which was atleast 50 meters away from me at that time. I started running with a shopper’s stop poly bag in my hand, as fast as i could. Obviously, I had to run faster than the train. I was amazed to see the people who were waiting for the next train started cheering for me, as I was going to catch a moving train which is 50 meters away and accelerating. It filled more energy in me and I started running faster. When I was around only 5-7 meters from train, I was exhausted and my limbs were urging for oxygen. But my soldier woke up again and said “AB KIS MUH SE WAPAS JAYEGA ULLU?”. I started running even faster and finally I could manage to get into the last compartment in the train, which was reserved for Disabled people. Well, if I had been questioned at that time. I was highly disabled 😛 . I could not move even a bit because of 2 reasons. Firstly, I was totally out of energy. Secondly, there was no place to stand, forget about reaching the seating area and having a seat. I just had place to stand one any one of my paining feet and spend my whole journey, as the train was going to stop after 2 hours at Kharagpur.

Well the train reached Kgp before time, that too 15 minutes early. I was astonished for the second time to see the train reaching a station before scheduled time and that too in the state WB aka PaschimBanga… I don’t know what made the govt, change the name of the state and rather keeping something sensible, they just translated it into Bangla and removed an ‘l’ from it.

Finally I reached IIT in 10 bucks less than the normal fare (that too by some clever bargaining). Took back my bicycle and happily headed towards my hostel.


Things I learnt and would like to share…

1. Train is like a chance. If you loose one another will come, but you may or may not have to wait for it.

2. If you miss a train by a few seconds. Or a chance by a small gap of time and you feel its impossible to catch/recover it. It may still be possible to cover up and be in a better position by some hard work.

3. Always take some margin in time if you are going to board a train. Always be ready for the opportunities you expect.

Prize winning poem in IIT Bombay


By : Sanyam Jain

A man had a thought, to make his planet sparkling clean,
Until that time, the planet was known for its green;
He analyzed and appreciated,
He intellectualized and meditated;
He toiled to infer, he reckoned to deduce,
The tiny bulb of his mind, flickered and fused;
On one fine day, he saw a bang,
The silent bell in mind slowly rang;
He got up, he scored, that the world had never seen,
To the fine outcome of his rut, He called machine…

This machine needed a person, who works under hammer,
He may be organized, may be a daydreamer;
He needed some skills, which do not quiver,
He need not have a charm, he may not love glamour,
No matter he is intellectual, no matter a scammer;
In modern times whoever has such qualities,
Is known as a programmer…

He works for acquittance, he doesn’t have aims,
He uses his intelligence, and makes a frame;
But nothing to work upon, it’s all the same,
It makes him frustrated, it doesn’t let him restrain;
He forgets lust, he forgets fame,
He has nobody with him, whom he can blame;
His emotions are ruined, his words are lame,
He always tries to be the king of his only lonely game;
All he has in mind is to develop a new version,
And for that silly thing, he might use recursion…

His mind takes a dive, his thought becomes a digger,
He loses the motion, he loses the vigor;
He forgets family, coz salary has figures,
The only thing he can help, is just to configure;
He types and types, and makes the code bigger,
To automate the code, he uses trigger;
He forgets his name, he forgets his rigor,
He doesn’t remember either he is white or a nigger;
He gets frustrated, he takes on liquor,
But that’s no solution, he just looks sicker…

He never gets satisfied; health is no more his interest,
He wraps some tobacco and makes a cigarette;
He wants to stop, thoughts coming like in a cassette,
And he smokes heavily, on the roof of a minaret;
After a sudden time nothing seems correct,
But it’s too late man, no benefit of taking nicorett;
He needs a cure, he starts the quest;
He is ready to pay anything; he looks for the best,
No doctor can help him, the only way out is internet…

The man who thought to make the world better,
One day receives a bouquet with a letter;
It was addressed for a landmark setter,
But the letter had a heading, “A truth, but Bitter”;
He stepped back a foot, and tightly held letter,
It made him lose his balance, as the title was hard hitter;
He could not hide his emotions, he could just titter,
Because it was none other than the programmer on stretcher;
Who wrote for him, on his final departure,
The message for him, was a simple cloture;
The letter had only one distinguishing feature,
The wobbly handwriting, and a dull colorature;
The first line of the letter, addressed the IDEA knitter,

Convert your photo into 3D in a few simple steps


Want to make photos really stand out? Create a fun Red/Cyan 3D effect that will pop off the page and screen, just because it’s a heck of a lot of fun. Grab your 3D glasses, and either Photoshop or GIMP!

While stereoscopic effects like Cyan/Red 3D are often created with fancy photography tricks, we’ll be creating one today with simple trick image editing. Dive right on in and see how simple it can be, with a simple version for Photoshop beginners, and an optional second part for users that want to give their image a little more oomph. Keep reading!


Part 1, Beginner: A Simple Red & Cyan 3D Effect


The technical term for a 3D image is an Anaglyph, which are usually created by photographing a subject from two separate vantage points, then combining the images. Today, we won’t be doing that, but we will achieve the same effect by digging through our image channels. Open up a worthy image and let’s get going!



You can use any kind of image for this how-to, but you’ll need to be in RGB Color mode. So if you start in Grayscale, Indexed Color, or CMYK, you should convert to RGB by going to Image > Mode > RGB Color (in Photoshop).

Author’s Note: This method is appropriate for any image editor that lets you mess around in channels, like Photoshop or GIMP. Photoshop Elements and Paint.NET do not allow this sort of image editing out of the box.


Start editing your image by making multiple copies of your photograph (left hand screenshot). One of the easiest ways to do this is by right clicking your “Background Layer” and picking “Duplicate Layer.” With two copies made, select the topmost one, and jump to your channels panel. You may have to show it by going to Window > Channels.

When you’ve reached your channels panel, pick your Red channel as shown above right.


Press Ctrl a (same keyboard shortcut in Photoshop and GIMP) at this point to Select the entire canvas. Your isolated Red channel will look like an incomplete grayscale version of your image, so if your photo looks like the image above, you’re doing the right thing.


Press v to select your Move Tool (GIMP shortcut key “M”) and move the red channel over to the left as shown.


sshot-236 When moving your channel, you may want to make sure that your “background” color is black, as shown to the left. You can set it to black by clicking the background swatch in the tools panel and changing it in the color options dialog. 

GIMP users have a very similar tool, also in their Toolbox. It looks and functions very much like this one from Photoshop.


Ctrl 2 @ will return to your RGB in Photoshop CS5. In other versions, simply return to your layers panel and pick a new active layer. You may decide to stop at this point, as this, by itself, is a halfway decent 3D effect. But let’s take it one step further, and add some depth to our image.

Part 2, Advanced: Adding Depth to Our 3D Image


You should have several copies of your original photo layer at this point, so let’s return to the topmost layer in which we created our 3D effect.

Create a mask, as shown on the right, by selecting the layer and clicking the masks in the bottom of the layers panel. In GIMP, you can simply right click your layer and choose “Add Layer Mask,” choosing “White for Full Opacity.”



Grab the brush tool and a soft round brush to paint out the areas you want masked out of this topmost layer. Our goal is to return part of our image to the original appearance of the photo.


Here’s the before/after. The background is masked out of the layer with the 3d effect, reverting it to the copy below without the 3d effect.


Here’s a shot of the areas that are painted out in the mask. The black represents the areas that are hidden, the white the areas that are shown.


With your 3D effect layer masked off, you can safely jump to a lower layer for some additional editing. With that layer selected (shown left) jump to the channels panel and select the Red channel again.


This is probably looking very familiar. Ctrl a to select the entire canvas again, this time to add a slightly different effect to the background.


Ctrl t to select “Free Transform” in Photoshop. Enlarge the Red channel of this layer in some unusual way. In this example, it was stretched horizontally. You can scale it up, skew, rotate, or simply offset it as we did before. This will allow our foreground and background to look somewhat different from each other.

In GIMP, you’ll want to use the “Scale Tool,” shortcut key Shift + T.


And our finely tuned image is complete, with our 3D effect applied separately to the foreground and background. If you have a pair of Cyan-Red glasses, you can test it for yourself, or just enjoy the effect for what it is. For those of us that don’t have a set of 3D glasses but want a pair, you can always check out youtube for some tutorials on how to make your own.

History of programming Languages

Rackspace recently published a nice infographic on the evolution of programming languages. It starts with FORTRAN and COBOL and runs through Ruby on Rails (which, yes, is a framework and not a language).

Unfortunately, it omits such influential languages as  Lisp,  ALGOL 60 and  Smalltalk. But including every important language ever would make for a pretty long infographic.

programming languages

The popularity stats at the end are apparently sourced from the oft criticized TIOBE. You can find the full sized graphic and bibliography here.

Backup your everything on GOOGLE

Google has a tremendous number of free services they offer which many of your probably take advantage of. But have you ever considered what you might lose if all of a sudden you lost access to your account? Just like all important data on your hard drive, your critical data in “the cloud” should also have backup consideration.

So if your Google account contains data you can’t afford to lose or you simply would like to have a local copy of it for yourself, you can easily download just about everything.

Backup All Your Gmail Messages

Gmail offers the ability to download all your messages into a POP client. As you may know, a POP client downloads and stores local copies of emails to your hard disk so you can access them off-line or if you delete a message (which you have previously downloaded) from your Gmail account.

Once logged into Gmail, in the upper right corner click the gear icon and go to Mail Settings.


Under the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, select the option to Enable POP for all mail. Selecting this option will flag every email in your account to be downloaded to your POP client. Also be sure to select the option to keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox in step 2 so that when your messages are downloaded, they are not removed from your Gmail inbox.

Once you have set these options, save your changes.


Once POP access has been enabled on your account, you simply need to download the messages into your POP client. Google provides detailed instructions for several common email clients via the link in step 3. Rather than re-inventing the wheel in this article, check out their walkthroughs.

Backup All Your Gmail Contacts

After using Gmail for a while you will, no doubt, have many email contacts that you will want to backup as well.

On the left side menu, click the Contacts link. You can optionally select the contacts you want to export (if you are only exporting certain ones) or leave individual contacts unchecked and export groups.

Under the More actions menu, select the Export option.


Select the contacts you want to export (typically All contacts) and then the format. If you are unsure, select a CSV format because this will be readable in Excel or Notepad and just about every email client supports importing via a CSV file.

Once you have your options set, click Export.


Save the resulting file.


Download Your Google Plus Data

If you have a Google Plus account, you can easily download just about everything you have made available on the service.

Once logged into your Google Plus account, click on the gear icon in the upper left corning and select Google+ settings.


Select the Data liberation option on the right side menu and click Download your data.


The data included in the download is as follows:

  • +1′s = Web pages you have +1′d (which show in the +1 tab of your Google profile) in HTML format. This does not include every post or comment you have +1′d in the Google+ system.
  • Buzz = Google Buzz posts and replies in HTML format.
  • Contacts and Circles = Contact information by circle/group in VCF format.
  • Picasa Web Albums = Pictures uploaded to Picasa. These are organized in folders with the respective album name.
  • Profile = JSON file which contains the information in your Google profile. Don’t worry if you don’t know what this type of file is, you can open it and Notepad and read all the information.
  • Stream = Posts you have made in Google+ in HTML format. This does not include comments to posts you have replied to, only “top level” posts you have made.

You can download everything (as we do in this guide) or individual pieces. To download everything, click the Create Archive button.


Depending on the amount of data you have, this can take a while but once finished you will be presented with a Download button.


Once your download is ready, save it to your hard disk.


When you open the resulting zip file, you can see the data is organized into folders making it easy to navigate.


Download Your Google Calendars

If you utilize Google Calendars, you can easily export this information into ICAL format.

Once in your Google Calendar, click the gear icon in the upper left corner and select Calendar settings.


Under the Calendars tab, click the Export calendars link.


Save the resulting file to your hard drive.


When you open the downloaded zip file, you will have an ICAL file for each Google Calendar.


Download Your Google Reader Subscriptions

To download your Google reader subscriptions (note this downloads the source RSS feed links, not the content), click the gear icon in the upper left corner and select Reader settings.


Under the Import/Export tab, select the option to Export your subscriptions as an OPML file. This is simply a type of XML formatted file that you can open in Notepad to view the contents of.


Save the file to your hard drive.


Downloading Your Google Docs

If you make use of Google Docs, you can easily download selected or all documents at once. If you want only certain documents, pick the ones you want.

Once ready, under the Actions menu, select Download.


You will have some options with the format you want to download certain documents types in. For the most part the default settings will do but you can customize to fit your needs. Click the Download button once you are ready.


Save the resulting zip file to your hard drive.


When you open the zip file, the documents are in the format and folder structure used in Google Docs.


All about our CAMPUS.. IIT Kharagpur

Kharagpur is known world over for two landmarks. One, the longest railway platform, and the other, the Indian Institute of Technology, more commonly known as lIT. Situated about 120 km west of Kolkata, Kharagpur can be reached in about 2 hours by train from Howrah railway station of Kolkata or 3 hours by car from Kolkata Airport. Kharagpur is also connected by direct train services to most major cities of the country. The Institute is about 10 minutes drive (5 km) from the Kharagpur railway station. Private taxi, autorickshaw or cycle-rickshaw can be hired to reach the Institute.

Winter (October to February) is moderate and pleasant (10 to 25 C) in Kharagpur. Summer (March to June) is hot (25 to 40 C) and sometimes humid. Rains are normally confined to the months of June to September.

Personal mode of transport is used in the Institute Campus. For visitors on official purpose, Institute car can be arranged if prior information is received about their programme. Taxi or cycle-rickshaw can be hired for moving inside the Campus and for visiting to the town market (Gole Bazaar) or the railway station. The Institute runs a bus service to Gole Bazaar, the railway station and to the neighboring town of Midnapore.

The institute is fully residential. Students are accommodated in 18 Halls of Residence and the staff is provided with quarters. Accommodation for visitors is arranged in the Technology Guest House, CEC Guest House, Alumni Guest House or CTS Visitors Hall, or if need arises, in a students’ Hall of Residence.

All the Halls of Residence and Guest houses have regular catering facilities. Other eating places are Sahara, Dreamland, Vegies, Super-Duper, Tikka, Billoo’s Restaurant etc. Some joints located within the Institute premises serve tea, coffee, soft drinks and light snacks.

For daily necessities and groceries, one can walk down to the Tech Market. The market also has medicine stores, tailoring shops, bookshops and facilities for photocopying, word-processing and offset printing. A larger market, Gole Bazaar is about 5 km from the Campus.

Three banks are located inside the Campus. The State Bank of India is close to the Institute and provides foreign exchange facilities also. The Syndicate Bank is situated on the first floor of the Institute main building. The Punjab National Bank is situated in the Tech Market where business transactions are carried out in the afternoon.

The Post Office is located close to the State Bank. Full postal and telegraphic service is available at the Post Office.

The B.C.Roy Technology Hospital is located at the center of the Campus. It provides indoor and outdoor medical facilities for common ailments. Complicated cases are referred for treatment to the State Hospital or to the Railway Hospital, both of them are located about 2 km from the Campus.

Technology Students’ Gymkhana is the nerve center for sports, cultural and social activities. It has a number of indoor and outdoor stadia, a modern swimming pool and a gymnasium. Music Society, Film Society, Dramatics Society, Aquatics Society and many more special interest groups are supported by the Gymkhana.

The Central Library offers about 300,000 volumes in an open shelf system on different fields of science and technology, humanities and social sciences. The library subscribes to about 1400 periodicals. The library system is fully computerized and users can access foreign university libraries through wide-area network facilities.

The backbone of lIT Kharagpur network is based on gigabit fibre optic technology. All the Departmental LANs are connected to the gigabit fibre optic backbone as separate VLANs. Three links are in use to provide email and Internet facilities. All laboratories, faculty and officers chambers, All rooms in halls of residence are provided with Internet connectivity.

Latest state-of-the-art research facilities are available at IIT. All the Departments, Centers and Schools are equipped with most modern instruments. Central Research Facility caters to the need of all the researchers and outside organizations.

Nehru Museum, Hijli Shahid Bhavan, Old Prison Cells, Martyrs Memorial.

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